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Warts, Pampillomas, Milia & Tags


Warts, Pampillomas, Milia & Tags

Time: 15 minutes - 30 minutes

Common but harmless, benign blemishes found on the face, neck and torso.
These are examples of blemishes that can be precisely, safely and gently treated/removed in clinic. Appointments include full consultation under dermatoscope, recording of blemishes, treatment and/or removal and aftercare. If subsequent appointments will be required you will be advised during your appointment. Advanced, aesthetic electrolysis, using diathermy & electrocoagulation, has been used since the early 1900’s to treat this vast array of blemishes. For certain blemishes and when deemed more appropriate, we use nitrous oxide cryotherapy.
June Norman has been treating these since 1977 and was also a national trainer.

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